Great article, I was torn between Wishpond, Ubounce and Leadpages. I think I will give Leadpages a shot, and let you know how it goes. Thanks for insight! – WIll H.
Referring sites and press Here’s an example of a squeeze page title that likely won’t draw Facebook users’ attention: Download videos with ease The CTA header summarizes what the visitor gets from signing up. 
$8 At Constant Contact they found that getting people to start creating their email campaign first instead of doing the banal task of importing their user list first increased conversions and customer retention. This landing page moves you from the promotion right into the thick of it without giving one piece of information up.
Let’s get started! Turn traffic into sales with a beautiful landing page—a place where your business or brand can shine online. Start a contest and our designers will create quality landing pages you’ll love, guaranteed.
Visual web optimizer Features/ Benefits: The platform enables you to create professional-level campaigns in a timely manner. Simply drag and drop your content and images where you want to build contests, giveaway, forms and landing pages. You can customize your campaigns with its professionally designed templates and themes. Campaigns can be published to both the web and Facebook, as well as embedded on your website. Using ShortStack’s action-gating feature, you can easily collect the data you need by having people fill out your form. In exchange for their information, they’re given access to your offer – entry to a giveaway, an ebook, a discount code, etc.
It took a total of three words to completely describe what this product does, great work. The short headline with the supportive background video was a great way to turn visitors into active participants and really see the benefit of the product immediately.
Free Website Hosting Creating Your Own Landing Page Night Club Are you surprised that the top tool on this list is one of the least expensive?
It’s enjoyable to visually parse. Localise, translate, and co-brand landing pages in seconds. Scale out campaigns quicker than ever! Plus, just like your banners, update your landing pages in real-time. Use the landing page builder to A/B test and optimise – increasing your conversions and sales.
‍III. Shadows Review, share, and provide feedback, all in one place. Low quality sales calls This page doesn’t have a lot going on besides the destination/check-in search function, so visitors won’t get lost or overwhelmed
Site •  Most don’t bother E-commerce Guides Coverage The main challenge I faced with Leadpages in the past was customization. You could only tweak certain elements.
Amy James When Should I Use a Landing Page? Offer a solution for one of their problems – make a list of all the problems that your target audience has that are stopping them from achieving their primary objective.
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This page is clean and uncluttered with minimal text, while still explaining value proposition Its basic plan also includes dynamic text replacement, plus integration with platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, Zapier, and Infusionsoft.
Nana Templates optimized for conversions and SEO Many people suffer from decision fatigue when it comes to choosing an image to place on a squeeze page. Don’t overthink it. Choose the main image that supports your message and is easy on the eyes—and be wary of making people work too hard to understand a photo.
Ryan Dobson Which brings us to the next step… You want to expend at least some effort presenting your page in a visually appealing way. It does help with landing page conversion — by showing you’re not amateur.
A simple form with clear instructions From there, it’s also worth noting that Wishpond caters to two different types of users. “One item that stands out from the rest of the landing page is the header. While the rest of the landing page gives off a premium feel, the header feels like it didn’t get enough attention. Although it’s not something that will immediately affect conversions or bounce rate it would be something to keep in mind for the future.
CTA: creating a distinct CTA button makes it easy for your visitors to see it and convert while on the form. One survey by Jakob Nielsen found that 95% of users found their online experience was negatively, or even VERY negatively affected by pop-ups. Equally horrific, in another study it was found that over 50% reported that popups negatively affected their opinion of the advertisers. Yikes! Granted, this study was done back in 2004, but pop-ups still tend to be despised by many (although some advertisers do see a drastic increase in conversion rates from offer pop-ups). It’s best to think twice before using pop-up squeeze pages. If you’re going to do it, do it right.
Local Marketing To extract the most value out of your SSP, you need to add an opt-in form right below your video, like this:
Job Title: So even if what you’re offering is genuinely brilliant and would completely change his life if he took the time to learn and implement it, the fact is he will not learn and implement it. Thus he will get zero value out of it.
ONTRApages was created by email marketing provider ONTRAPORT. Their service is incredibly easy to use and enables you to quickly create a stunning landing page based on one of their existing templates.
In fact, too many details included on the page might decrease conversion rates because they might distract people and draw their attention away from the call-to-action.
Practical tips to boost your site conversions. Related changes Choose a Lead Magnet TRACK About The Author
Careers Get Special Pricing For Leadpages at $17/mo The Business Case for Marketing Automation
Blog  >  Landing Pages Copy addresses an objection many prospects have.
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Fund Raising Essential Element 8:  Something about Pleasure Written by Aaron Brooks July 15, 2018
First of all, there’s the name recognition of a great school. Stays at the top of page (except for Intercom). Share this: It has some great features like form pre-population and landing page cloning to quicken your squeeze page creation process.
Stick to minimal form fields: It’s been shown that the more form fields you include on a squeeze page, the less likely a user is to take advantage of your offer. Ideally, you’d ask for just the email address, although some marketers really want the name as well to personalize future emails (the necessity of this is debatable). One smart technique is ask for the bare minimum upfront, but have additional form fields on the following thank you page. They may or may not fill out the added form, but at least you got the email and have more leads as a result. Some marketers also believe that the more info you ask for on a form, the more likely a user is to give you a fake email – they catch wind that you’re not asking for all this info just to send them a free “How to Shave Your Kitten” tutorial.
Contests & Promotions This landing page from Mayflower uses the company’s average rating to display trust in their service.
Sections are a great way of organizing the content of your page. You can think of a section as a container that groups elements. When you group elements such as buttons, labels, or images, you can move or delete them with a single click.
2. LeadPages Danielle Features/ Benefits: With BitBlox, you are empowered to create your landing page by adding pre-made design elements, called blocks, to the page and then edit everything within. Hundreds of blocks are available for you to choose from and edit, reorder and stylise them to suit your needs. After publishing, you can learn what works best by implementing A/B testings, tracking revenue, clicks, signups or any other conversion goal in realtime. BitBlox platform allows for easy integrations with many 3rd party solutions & services that help you promote and analyze your website. You can take a look at BitBlox’s intergration list here.
AdWords Keyword Tool for Teachers for Schools for Enterprise Newsletters with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise.
Evolution – Hotel Airtable — Credit: Ally Jaye Reeves Yet… designing a high-converting landing page is tough.
Email Tracking Sports Equipment and Apparel So far more than 800,000 registered startups have used Launchrock to advise visitors of their grand openings. With a new startup joining Launchrock every 2.9 minutes the next one could be yours.
Archive 5. LaunchRock Flashcards – Measurement & Experimental Design START NOW, IT’S FREE!
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