From here, you can start to build your split test based on a control page and other variations.
Make it about the visitor. Don’t bore the visitor by talking too much about yourself (this rule can apply to so many areas of life). The truth is, visitors don’t care about your goals or your aspirations. They’re only looking out for #1. Showcase what you can do for them and how you can improve their life. We are selfish creatures after all.
In this post, I’ve highlighted 30 different landing pages you can “steal” from. Not only have I included my own analysis, but I also reached out to some conversion optimization experts for their analysis, so you’ll know what takeaways will be worthwhile to model after.
There are tons of payment processing services. And this text doesn’t explain why yours is better or even who it’s uniquely for — companies, freelancers, buyers, ecommerce sites? 
Brevity — If you had to remove half the page’s images and text, what would you remove? Avoid clutter. Give the different parts of the page breathing room; they’ll be more effective that way. Pay attention to typography; too many fonts competing for attention just looks messy. Here’s a good example of simplicity from Strikingly:
4. KickoffLabs Build landing pages in minutes and connect them to your existing domain or get a new one instantly! We will provide you with free web hosting, so you don’t have to worry about that either.
Instapage starts at $29 per month. If you’re looking for additional features or more email integration options, you will have to pay more.

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Easy to Customize Price: 2/5 Create your first Facebook squeeze page with Instapage Customer Stories
JavaScript View Source How to drive traffic to an eCommerce site 164 Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates (2018)
Start building landing pages in minutes with the best landing page designs! On Facebook, this process is very different for one major reason. Step number four, the interruption, is completely eliminated from the process.
112 Enter your email to receive daily round-up of most submissions: 1.1.7 In internet marketing, the term squeeze takes on an entirely new meaning. Curious how this little verb plays into online marketing strategies? Read on to find out.
Software Reviews Click and drag a section area. MARKETING ADVOCATE Teaser video
You don’t have to create your landing pages from a blank slate. Maura Ginty is a digital-era word geek with deep expertise in search, content strategy, and social media programs at Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. All three authors are frequent speakers at online marketing conferences.
Lesson transcripts Startup Tools But if you don’t want to spend time on all of those steps, all you really need to do is replace the placeholder text with your own copy. With this approach, it’s entirely possible to get a page up and running within a matter of hours.
By Joanna Wiebe on March 10th, 2013 in Content Marketing Personalization Build a landing page that stands out. Choose the best design, update the content and connect a domain for free!
Great Book. Very easy concepts to digest and overlaps well with what is in the industry. Based on Bootstrap.
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You will also be able to: jugrnot704 Full agreement with both above… I almost always leave a site that does this sort of stuff as soon as I can…
But when you only have two options to choose from, and you designate one as a “Best Deal,” then you’re basically saying the other option sucks.
See here for my full Instapage review. Compelling Form Headline
Email is required Checklists/Scorecards for people that like to see how well they are doing and/or benefit from a to-do list.
Minimizing visual distractions is a commonly used technique – keeping the imagery simple and keeping the page clear of navigational or any other kind of links.
InstaPage is quickly gaining a reputation for being a reliable, easy to use landing page creator. While it may be difficult to handle for inexperienced users, their landing page builder is so versatile it can even copy the layout of a website you like and turn it into a usable template.
One Page App Template Press Release People not in the market — Find out how appealing and comprehensible your messaging is to those who aren’t familiar with your space or product. Do you give them enough context to want to know more? This will help cover edge cases where your page over-assumes base-level knowledge. This is important because there may be a lot of people on the edge of your market who’d become customers if they merely better understand why they should be.
Like188K Instapage is an effective premium WordPress plugin for creating conversion ready landing pages. Best of luck with your landing pages!
See here for my full HubSpot review. The 5 best landing page builders in 2018 Q & A Post Degree Certificates I am new to web! Can I create a landing page with ucraft?
Online Store Designs Responsive content sections to showcase the features of your product or service
…of SLI Landing Page Creator™. With the new solution, merchandisers can create and deploy shopper-friendly landing pages in a matter of minutes and integrate these pages into targeted marketing programs. SLI built Landing
Have a Coupon Code? John Peterson You can edit these leadboxes in the landing-page tool itself.
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