Test your welcome emails. Test different cart abandonment emails and sequences. Test everything else. Plus, they kept the email short and sweet to emphasize the message that they don’t want to intrude, they just want to remind the recipient that they exist and why they could be helpful. When sending these types of email, you might include an incentive for recipients to come back to using your service, like a limited-time coupon.
Here are 12 email marketing campaign examples from other ecommerce stores, as well as an explanation of why they’re SO brilliant and powerful at boosting sales.
A good example is this Uncommon Goods email which focuses on using customer testimonials in order to guarantee the success of the campaign on specific dates: Mothers Day
CAPTCHA Form Support. Free support Offer reward and loyalty points Not only is the design below super eye-catching — without looking cluttered — but the artwork is user-made. Redbubble sells merchandise featuring designs from artists all over the world. This presents a golden opportunity to feature popular submissions across the Redbubble community.
and Management Quality beats quantity every time. A small email list of engaged subscribers is far more valuable than a big list of indifferent recipients. Fewer subscribers is actually an advantage if online networking is one of your best marketing strategies.
Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sending Out Holiday Marketing Email Partner Community Marketing Automation Email Address Email Address required Brought to you by LiveChat For instance, let’s say you decide you’ll expand your winter jacket business to New England while maintaining your local business in Virginia. Your buyers in Virginia will be a lot different than your buyers in New England, right?
5 Things To Know About Invalid Clicks on AdWords Campaigns
See Plans and Pricing Finally, after waiting a few days for the data to accumulate, you’ll want to take a look at what you learned from this send. Analytics are the key to understanding what worked and what didn’t, and where you have room to improve. Here are a few key questions to consider as you revise your strategy.
Like the Michaels welcome email above, Michaels should add more supporting copy in this email. While this email here does a great job of selling their email newsletter, it doesn’t do a great job of selling Michaels as a brand and company.
Email marketing is the fine wine of digital channels: It’s been around for ages, and its complexity evolves with time. The most sophisticated email technologies can be likened to your grand reserves—a limited selection of enterprise solutions that enable the most mature marketing strategies. Until recently, those without ample budgets have been getting the job done with the technology equivalent of Wild Irish Rose. But now some players in the ESP and cross-channel space are offering up very cool personalization and campaign orchestration options at affordable price points. And that’s a real game-changer for smaller companies with champagne tastes on a beer budget.
Shave butter? Hair styling products? Or perhaps One Wipe Charlies? If you have more to say than you have room in your email, avoid including attachments. Instead, mimic Syed in his OptinMonster welcome email and include a link to your website.
Test Prep Read More… Your data is the beating heart of your company, so we take the very best care of it. Nobody has access to the data you import, gather and otherwise hold on eMailPlatform.
Request a live demo Contact Sales Contact Support As a marketer myself, one of the issues I run into most often is that I forget to talk to my list until I have something to sell. Obviously, this is not ideal.
5. Email Focuses on the Product, Not the Customer
Why reducing marketing costs is important It works just as well (or better) for selling complex products or services that require talking with prospects before they buy.
Post an email signup form on your website, and encourage your social media followers to sign up for information. Be specific about what they’ll get if they sign up, and consider offering a nice freebie or a substantial coupon as a reward.
Ask for the right information upfront: Great personalization starts way before you hit the ‘send’ button. It all starts with your sign up form. Without data such as name, company and location, you will be very limited with your personalized communication. Remember to only ask for the information you need, rather than want. This is one of the ways that GDPR impacts marketing teams.
By Team Take 10: Shed Light on Email Traffic With Google Analytics For many businesses, improving relationships with their leads is the primary reason for sending any emails. That said, few marketers rely solely on this email marketing strategy. But some trust it more than is healthy for their businesses. Especially in more traditional B-to-B companies the focus is often too much on relationship building.
Making sure the email marketing software you choose for your restaurant’s email marketing doesn’t need to feel like making a souffle for the first time.
Log in to Moz Email Design Features: Easily upload your email list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and more. We’ll handle the rest: unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails update automatically.
Fun & Lifestyle So the question becomes: Do you want to boost clicks (response) or opens (awareness)? Go long for clickthroughs; keep it short for opens.
We will handle your contact details in line with our  Privacy Policy. If you prefer not to receive marketing emails from Marketo, you can opt-out of all marketing communications or customize your preferences  here.
Dallas I love chocolates. Hands down. This newsletter from Whittard is, hence, very close to my heart. The luxuriously displayed hot chocolate made me sigh. This newsletter has the perfect essence to strike a chord with chocolate lovers like me. Exquisite and classic like its products, Whittard’s email template is one of a kind. Oh yes! There are other products too. This email was targeted on the Black Friday and has been consciously divided into categories for tea, hot chocolates, coffee and confectionary.

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When email marketing strategies hit a plateau… So instead of sending sales-focused emails right off the bat, you can encourage your subscribers to engage with your brand in other ways.
6. Enriching contact data quality Compliance Customers get frustrated when they receive generic emails from companies and feel as if they are receiving dubious codes form expressionless clones. Humans are very emotional creatures and want to be treated that way. It is important for you to show your human side; nobody wants to see a display of your products 24/7.
Quickly create emails in the same screen where you are already managing content for your website. Thanks to templates, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.
Customer List Adding personal touches not only increase conversions, since 94% marketers seem to agree that personalization is critical to success, but also adds a human touch to an electronic interaction.
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