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“We chose to switch solutions because eMailPlatform could accommodate our present and future needs as we work towards creating an actual dialogue platform and not just an email marketing solution.”
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Some of Our Successes: Bottom Line: Campaigner offers numerous advanced features and a generous free trial period that lets you try out its email workflows, autoresponders, and marketing automation capabilities. It’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re interesting in buying an advanced email marketing tool.
adobe123 The first paragraph of their email reminds the customer about their previous activity with them. And further explains the specific reason, why they’re sending the email. Email this Article Print This Article
Monthly Newsletter Research has found that the average inactivity for a list is 63 percent, meaning that once someone joins they are less likely to ever follow-up with your follow-up emails. Email marketing firm Listrak goes so far as to identify the first 90 days as the window for turning a sign-up into a devotee (and they lay out a plan for doing so).
Leisure & Entertainment When writing your emails, it is best to determine the right method of getting individuals more interested in your restaurant’s website or the promotions you have to offer.
If images are disabled, does your email still make sense?
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Adding email templates to your messages boosts professionalism while giving you the opportunity to showcase your brand, logo, and overall aesthetic with ease. Using email templates also helps subscribers remember your restaurant and the type of information you provide within each newsletter.
Yes, I read the article Skip to main content The three most popular metrics for email marketing are: Professional Package-Complete prospecting solutions
You’d be surprised – whenever we send an email customers come out of the woodwork asking for more information about our services. Why Pronto
What’s to become of that inactive 63 percent? Re-engagement campaigns are an excellent place to start. There is something about ‘welcome’ messages. Research says that emails with a ‘welcome’ message trigger more engagement than other types of messages. Airbnb takes into consideration the kind of searches you make, filters some drool-worthy offers and compiles them into a personalised email. This email template below is the first email that you will receive once you sign up. It has the steps to sign up and access Airbnb effortlessly. Simple backdrop, straight fonts and focused content- Airbnb’s every email campaign is a visual treat.
Speak in the language and style that your subscribers use themselves, especially when talking with their friends.
Unlimited Subscribers …well, you get the idea. 10. jetBlue Shopping Cart Abandonment – e.g. remind subscribers who put items in their cart that they haven’t checked out yet.
REQUEST A DEMO My #1 most magical email marketing tip, as someone who’s been doing this for a little while now, is to mix it up. Balancing image-heavy with plain text emails has led to some unexpectedly great results. Most recently, I got an engagement score above 90 on a plain text email in Marketo with the average across my series around 65, which is unheard of.
If you’re at all familiar with NARS, you’ll know that this “Bold yet Simple” approach is very consistent with their overall brand and messaging Resource Center

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Recently, more and more companies are experimenting with the inclusion of GIFs in their email campaigns. Sometimes this can be a challenging feat because not all email platforms will load them correctly, or they will only load one frame of the GIF instead of providing users with the full effects of the animation. If you’re considering utilizing this type of visual in your emails, thoroughly test it on a variety of platforms and if it freezes on one particular frame, make sure it’s an image that can stand alone and still give users a complete understanding of what the content is about.
Think about your pre-header text as a continuation of your subject line. Use it to expand on your subject line and dial up the curiosity and emotion that is already associated with the subject line.
For example, if you were writing a button to drive email signups, instead of “Signup Here,” you could try something like “Be Smarter” or “Learn Our Secrets.” Something that implies a benefit for the recipient.
Email marketing can be carried out through different types of emails: Get knowledge to your inbox
By Blake Miller How To Start A Successful Podcast Are Your Responsible for Customers’ Results?
Creating Content That Generates Links Like Crazy If you’re like most people, it has probably been a while. Hell, maybe you’ve never received a nurture email.
Office Setup Member Benefits If you’ve come to this part, we hope you have seen some great inspiration to innovate your current strategies. However, these email marketing examples are just references. Don’t take it for granted that they will work well for your business.
Message personalization Integrate in minutes with our email API and trust your emails to reach the inbox. Pro-Code Tools: Dev experience for planning, creating, testing, and deploying
Offers Vs Content: Can’t They Just Get Along? That’s a huge difference! Use FOMO “Take a moment to focus, provide value, and be generous to your most engaged audience, and they’ll return the favor.” Colby Cavanaugh, Emma
2. Work on your subject lines Extensive metrics and analytics let you track the ongoing results of your email marketing and provide constant insight into how your efforts are moving the needle. Email campaign metrics—such as open and click-through rates—tell you what’s working and what’s not. Individual contact tracking lets you know which emails specific contacts are engaging with. You can even analyze the social reach of your emails by tracking views, likes, comments, tweets and shares for each email campaign.
Pick an offer… 2,500 The Email Marketing EcoSystem A company called ActiveTrail boosted their sales by a whopping 20%. But in between saying hello with a welcome series and potentially saying goodbye with a re-engagement one, there are all sorts of opportunities to automate. Birthdays, purchases, opens and clicks – any subscriber behavior that you’re tracking – can potentially be used as a trigger for an automated message that lands at the perfect moment.
Interactive emails like this are great to immediately engage your audience helping increase the likelihood they’ll click onto your site.
While Citrix might not sell itself directly in the whitepaper, the whitepaper positions Citrix as an expert in the eyes of the reader. Activation: A new user creates an account but, they do not use your product within the first 7 days. Create an  “activation” campaign that sends an automated email with their login information, steps on how they can get started and include a video demonstration for additional support. You can also invite them to a one-on-one meeting to walk them through the product and answer any questions they may have.
2. Choose the right software We recommend starting with MailChimp’s basic templates: List Management
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