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The reason many marketers focus on lead generation is that they’re looking at the long-term picture. They want to be the source that customers turn to again and again for high-quality information (that complements their products). They want to build the kind of quality relationships that make email marketing more effective than annoying.
Here’s an example lead gen form, that’s designed to capture user and/or company data in exchange for something – in this case an ebook.
The design of your page is just as important as the copy. A good design supports the call to action, while a bad design detracts from it. This is why, when it comes to landing pages, less is definitely more. The simpler your page and its design, the more likely it is to convert.
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All four of these points work together. You need to have a clear offer, meet your user’s expectations (scent/relevance), and attractively depict the offer and benefits.
Most visitors are impatient and will leave your page within a few seconds of arrival if you don’t reinforce their intent with a matching headline and purpose (quickly and clearly).
E-COMMERCELANDING PAGESLEAD CAPTUREWORDPRESS The subheadline is an expansion; it shouldn’t be doing all the work. Don’t get too cute and you’ll be just fine. TOP
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Movies, TV Provide a discount So to answer your question, I would say that yes, they do work if used correctly. HTTP Warning Dan Maverick Ray, Founder, « 14 WordPress Music Plugins to Help Musicians Grow Their Audience
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Payment Processors ADIDAS Email-Gated Content: Landing pages are often used for lead generation, and make it easy for your business to turn visitors into leads by incentivizing them with an ebook, industry report, online course, case study, etc.
“Give something away so valuable, that people want you to email them. For my side project, I thought it would be a good idea to regularly email people with profitable niches I discover. I simply don’t have time to build sites in every industry I come across, so I thought that I may as well give the ideas away.”

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What I liked about your article is that you talk about a clear benefit + an information gap in a heading. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to just concentrate on just the latter and messing it up. Just ‘info gap’ works great for viral sites, but informative sites like backlinko or Noha’s website, or anyone who aims to have a site like that in their respective niche, must make sure that they provide a clear benefit to their audience. Phew! That was long 🙂
There are many different ways that a client can find you… and it is NOT necessarily through your home page.
Great Book. Very easy concepts to digest and overlaps well with what is in the industry. The ultimate goal of a landing page is to keep your visitors from bouncing off of it and Unbounce does just that.
Videos X_X Xero Download to your computer Which format converts the best? Drag and drop components to create landing pages quickly and easily, so you don’t need to hire a developer or designer to help you get the job done. And since our landing pages are optimized for mobile, they’ll look great on any device.
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Splash page templates History – Questions & Answers Bonus: You can even download some of the leadpages landing page templates for free. That’s why I made the topic of my Social Squeeze Page (SSP) a real-life case study…
To this end, it should consist of two sections: its own header copy and a button. Partner Program In other words, your page WON’T give people that slimy feeling that they get from traditional squeeze pages.
Upload your lead magnet – if your lead magnet is a pdf, you will need to upload it on your website or CDN. The company helps users gain back their reputation — and it’s easy to see the emotional connection in their headline, subheadline, and CTA.
Thanks Jacob , i was doing research on this topic and had some confusions but thanks to you, i learnt a lot from this article 🙂
How to A/B Test your Landing Page: a Step-by-Step Guide  Google Plus 12) Velaro Live Chat
The more squeeze pages you have and the more market segments you wish to connect with, the more content you may find yourself producing. Great content is worth the work required to create it. Monetate does a great job of producing ebooks covering best practices and timely content, as shown here:
Instapage plugin – the best way for WordPress to seamlessly publish landing pages as a… DigitalMarketer Lab Basic
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What is the Goal of Your Landing Page? The green CTA button contrasts against the blue background and makes it stand out. I compared Instapage and IM Creator. Instapage is expensive in comparison but it only took minutes. IM Creator took hours, and I am still unsure what I paid for at 7.95 per month. If you value your time, Instapage is a better bet.
Single Opt-In List Imports If you had the chance to sit down and talk with a blogger making $40k a month, and having real proof, would you download his free ebook showing you his “secrets”? For most aspiring bloggers, this claim would sound BALLONEY. But let’s not forget who’s behind this – John Chow – and how long it took him to reach this exposure, popularity and income. No pain, no gain!
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Awesome idea! fb ads Apple Motion Templates Added in tours for the edit screen and the list of landing page screen for new users to learn how to use the tool quickly and easily
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