However, these emails need to be “value forward,” as Jessica Best puts it. Sure you can sell product, but think about your customer and their buying process.  What would add value to their decision?  Knowing more about you?  Seeing customer reviews, or comparisons to your competition?
Heather Read’s Story Free tool Conventional wisdom says this is between 12pm and 4pm any day of the week, but be sure to test this with your list. If your customer base is spread out internationally, this could be the first way of segmenting your audience.
for a free demo. You need to know what people are searching for before you can optimize for that search. Then we have few more email marketing examples! The ‘squeezing’ of deal is just aptly shown in this GIF. The last few deals before the stroke of midnight creates a sense of urgency and how!
Facebook Tips Weekly Marketing Round-Up: AI, VR, and the Great Twitter Purge Think you know all about the people who are reading your marketing emails? How much of what you “know” about them is based on assumptions? The strongest buyer personas are based on insights you gather from your actual readership, through surveys, interviews, and so on — in addition to the market research.
Is email marketing still more effective than social media marketing? RSS Behavioral triggered emails beyond e-commerce Takes less than 60 seconds
5.2 Canada More companies announce GDPR compliance efforts as the deadline for enforcement looms Beautiful email marketing is only the beginning. Send newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests. Make every campaign you send feel personal.
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The tone and frequency of your messaging depends on your goal. 3. Dropbox
I’m Jacob Cass, the founder of JUST™ Creative. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, working with clients all around the world. My specialty is logo & brand identity design. JUST™ Get in touch.
There is far more on this page than you can absorb in one sitting! Don’t worry—these resources will be here for as your business grows. I keep it current with the latest advice for improving your email marketing. Let’s get started!
MARK KLAIMAN, CO-FOUNDER OF PET CAMP Related: The Ultimate Email Marketing Strategy for a Small Business in 7 Steps
Not only does this email have a sleek design and content that is fun and well-targeted at their audience, but it also helped serve as a reminder of the value that came with the streaming platform and encouraged the customer to continue with the paid version without seeming too pushy.
Amazon Shopping Tips Subject Lines, Subject Lines, Subject Lines Add to Cart If you’re active on social media, sending emails like this one can be a great opportunity to engage your subscribers in multiple ways.
Support and Tools Megan Robinson digs deeper into the subject for us: Making routine maintenance of your email auto-responder a monthly event to improve delivery rates, open rates and click through rates. This will also save you a bunch of money on your monthly bill just like Geico does with auto-insurance. Apply these maintenance tips today!
14 minute read time Alright. That’s it for subject lines.
3. Know Your Audience On this page, we’ll go over 11 examples of marketing emails, what makes them so effective, and how you can use them to improve your company’s campaign.

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Create Segments Computer Mice Reviews Your questions, our answers.
VPS Hosting Google Drive Your subject line is what will get people clicking through in the first place and subject lines are such a huge topic in themselves that we really can’t cover them all here.
Find a solution partner› You can also include an email signup form on your website or blog to make it easy for anyone interested in your brand to get updates from you. Constant Contact has hundreds of email templates for you to choose from — including timely templates to stand out during major holidays.
Pros: Easy third-party integrations. Simple email tracking. Plenty of how-to support available. CSS Conference 9. 4 Ways AI Can Improve Email Marketing Digital Photography
Email send frequency and cadence (i.e., the timing and patterns of emails sent) are two important email marketing success factors that you should optimize. Often brands will continue to increase their send volume in attempt to increase revenue. However, that practice often backfires with customers unsubscribing, or possibly even marking your emails as spam. In fact, getting too many emails from a company is the top reason why subscribers both unsubscribe and mark their emails as spam. Although you don’t want to miss an opportunity of increasing your sales and revenue by sending too few emails, you also don’t want to hurt your email deliverability by getting too many emails marked as spam.
SmugMug They also let their new subscribers know what to do next. In this case, get the apps + print out your Emergency Kit.  Chinese Beginners Guide
How to get started FulcrumTech 4.4 (22) 1 Click Segmentation The email newsletter is the most effective way to keep your audience updated on your latest company news.
Schedule and send emails to the right contacts at the right time We partnered with Ascend2 to survey hundreds of “on the tools” marketers at growing businesses to understand their goals and the unique barriers they face when it comes to their email marketing strategies.
Upcoming Workshops Amazon Local does it well. Occasionally, the company sends out emails, requesting for user’s feedback. The interestingly aspect of it all all is that the CTA appears natural. It flows smoothly into the short email.
2018 of emails will be about interaction, gamification, and AI. Customer Relationships
Take 10: Zero in on Your Audience to Improve Email Opens, Clicks, and ROI
Same thing happens today in the viral world. We’re swamped in advertisements! These are just some of our favorite emails. Don’t just follow best practice when it comes to your marketing emails. Every email you send from your work email address also can be optimized to convert. Try out our free email signature generator now, and check out some more of our favorite HubSpot marketing email examples.
Theme store Terms of Use Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Site Map But what happens when you go to create your emails and you’re hit with Blank Page Syndrome (BPS)? Finding the right words seems impossible, you have no idea how long your email should even be, and let’s not even talk about email design.
By behaviour on your site. We make it easy and secure to migrate to eMailPlatform if you are currently on another platform. Our world-class team will support you with templates, import of data, integration and education.
Resumes & Cover Letters How To Develop A Winning Social Media Content Strategy (Free Template)
Get+Inspired+Now+With+21+Examples+of+Awesome+Email+Marketing 8. Think With Google Maropost Additionally, the vibrant design of this email gives you a glimpse of the design you might be able to get by working with their company.
Main page Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale 72% of consumers say that email is their favored conduit of communication with companies they do business with. 61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly, and 28% want them even more frequently.
The Four KEY Copywriting Style and Design Strategies 1. Increasing customer engagement rate
Travel Create an action-oriented goal.[13] Your email should entice and prompt the recipients to take some kind of action. However, action does not necessarily mean getting them to buy something immediately. The goal could be getting them to reply to the email or even just getting them to click a link that brings them to your website. While people do manage to sell in their emails and drop people straight onto a credit card page, you will have more success getting people interested in reading more about your offer.
Example provided by Hiten Shah Email marketing campaign examples like this make the recipients excited and thrilled. They almost give you the feeling that you are in a movie and you have to take action. The following campaign is even designed in a movie manner. The yellow tape makes it look like a crime scene and the copy is absolutely thrilling!
PayPal is the world’s most popular payment processor, used by millions of small, midsize and multinational companies. I’m sure you use it too. I’m always impressed by Huckberry emails.
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