The best way to find inspiration is to look for companies who are solving a similar problem to yours.
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Beaver Builder – $99 7 Visit We send every day at 10AM, you can change your timezone below. Content Marketing Resources You can save opt-ins to your database and export if you don’t want to integrate an email provider.
Footer Secondary 3 Here’s a squeeze page example from Neil Patel:
Quiz creator Ben Hunt And based off of that action, you send them an email.
A single web page, singularly focused on getting a name and email address. While the term “landing page” can apply to any page on your site, in marketing, a “landing page” usually refers to a specific page created for a specific marketing campaign. These types of landing pages can do wonderful things for your online advertising by creating targeted experiences for your traffic.
Tips & Advice B2B Content Marketing: A Practical Guide – July 5, 2018
Service Your headline will do most of the work, so focus on writing a strong headline – it’s the only part some visitors will read! Consider using a landing page headline formula to get you started.
STOP STUDENTS IN THEIR TRACKS AND SHUTTLE THEM THROUGH SIGN-UP “Now, let’s talk about that offer. What exactly would I be getting here? How is this ‘guide’ presented? Is it an infographic? A video? An entire book? The deliverable is not clear and the image doesn’t help.
Help & Education ClickFunnel was designed by Russell Brunson and he’s generated millions online using his own software.
The page is designed to keep the user focused on the singular goal of handing over their e-mail address. Thomas Cha “‘Double Your Leads Over The Next 90 Days With This Complete Beginner’s Guide To Drip (A $197 Value, FREE)’ should appear above and over ‘Getting Started with Drip,’ and with heavier font weight. It relays more useful information about what Drip does and thus should catch the eye first to retain attention at user landing.
In fact, the original version was the first landing page creation tool I ever bought. And it’s come a long way since.
But, before you can create your CTA, you need to decide what you want people to do on your landing page. This is important, because otherwise you can end up with no CTA or multiple different (and even conflicting) CTAs.
A 3-10 minute video. Pinterest highlights how easy it is to sign up, saying that it takes only 45 seconds
The header is written to hook people into your product through an intriguing feature. Then it tells them why that feature matters to them. Marketing Agencies Sort by: Collecting email addresses on Facebook is easy when you use Instapage to squeeze them out of your fans. Start creating your first one with one of our 100+ expert landing page templates.
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Hi Neil, Sandy Taylor April 16, 2015 A landing page for data warehousing by Teradata… Lozbo April 16, 2015
Make sure your page loads fast.This improves the experience for visitors. A good way to do this is with a content delivery network, as recommended in this guide to boosting WordPress performance and speed.
In the first installment of landing page critiques, you’ll get… There are tons of payment processing services. And this text doesn’t explain why yours is better or even who it’s uniquely for — companies, freelancers, buyers, ecommerce sites? 
All in Business What’s different about how this plugin handles coming soon pages is how it stops the rest of your site being accessed. WordPress Landing Pages
The most important thing to understand when it comes to all this is… Below the Fold Content: Remember how we were saying that too much content is bad because it drives visitors away and decreases conversions? This is true, but only for above the fold content. You see, Google isn’t a huge fan of squeeze pages, primarily because they tend to be content-light and can come off spammy (when not done properly). The workaround for this little issue is to add keyword-rich content below the fold. This gives your squeeze pages an added SEO boost and keeps them healthy and performing well. Keep squeeze page basics like opt-in forms, bullet points, and videos at the top of the page. On the bottom, put more detailed content and product info.
Unbounce takes a slightly different approach and focuses on reducing bounce rates through dedicated landing pages. That being said, it still has a number of optimization features, including:

landing page

landing page creator

landing page builder

Make sure you use pictures. Pictures are the keystone of trust in testimonials. It’s important that every featured testimonial is accompanied by a photo of a real person. Square Landing Page Review
Produkty Knowledge and help CZAT See all features By featuring exact statistics, they take things a step beyond a generally positive review and make this much more compelling than a standard testimonial.
Partner Services CHAT NOW The more expensive or unintuitive your product is, the more objections you should address. Email marketing maven Ben Settle uses an opt-in splash page that comes up before his homepage at—as do I, on my own business site at Notice also that neither Ben nor I ask for a prospect’s name; just their email address.
Our first option, PageWiz, keeps the focus on speed and simplicity. Languages:
For Freelancers Free landing page maker Learn How You Can Build Your Email List with Squeeze Pages
Price: Starts from $29. It’s less work to reduce a visitor’s labor and confusion than to increase desire: Bulleted copy makes it easy to convey benefits.
Digital Agencies That said, this is a heck of a good-looking page where form actually follows function. Price: $97 – $297 Visits Containing Conversion Event / Total Visits
Let’s talk! In particular, if someone makes it through to the end of your landing page, you have a final opportunity to convince them to convert (incidentally, this is a good place for another CTA). With your closing argument/reinforcing statement, you should summarize everything you covered in the rest of your landing page and then throw in any additional selling points you think might seal the deal.
Of course, the splash page only appears before the homepage. If you try sending someone to a squeeze page when they click a link to an article or product, they ain’t gonna be real impressed. But if prospects are just going straight to your homepage, why not offer them something of value as soon as they arrive—provided you make it clear how to continue to the rest of your site?
May 3, 2015 at 11:50 am In addition to creating content that is well-researched, well-produced and highly valuable, add in stories, testimonials and some good ol’ fashioned name-dropping – if need be – to ensure your leads know what a big deal you really are and why they should not only open your emails but also consider buying your stuff. Remember that your leads are new to you, so they know very little about you. This content is a key part of your branding and new user onboarding. In his email series for new subscribers, Ramit Sethi actively builds his credibility / authority from the very first email, shown here with cred-builders circled:
Groceries & More Advanced Segmentation (You don’t necessarily need to use all 8 elements on your site. But the more you use, the better your page will convert)
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10. KlientBoost Are there any other questions you’re feeling brave enough to raise right now? Let us know in the comments! What I liked about your article is that you talk about a clear benefit + an information gap in a heading. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to just concentrate on just the latter and messing it up. Just ‘info gap’ works great for viral sites, but informative sites like backlinko or Noha’s website, or anyone who aims to have a site like that in their respective niche, must make sure that they provide a clear benefit to their audience. Phew! That was long 🙂
Small Business Operations How to Set Up Your Facebook Advertising Account
Large internal stock image library Good benefit – David knows his audience well and knows that they need help talking to women with confidence. In conclusion Karen April 17, 2015
And all the testing that goes along with it. George April 19, 2015
Google Single Sign On Now that we’ve alluded to the purpose of our product, we need to complete the thought by explicitly stating the purpose for visitors who are unable to connect the dots themselves. 
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